What’s on your child’s mind?

We conduct comprehensive psycho-educational evaluations for a variety of special needs.


Measuring Minds Difference



We treat each client as if we are working with our own children. We understand the importance of the evaluation and results to parents. Our testing results can impact the entire course of a child’s educational experience. We want to provide children and parents with the best diagnostic information that is available.



We have a vast range of experience as school psychologists. We have assessed children of all ages, ranging from 2.5 years of age to young adulthood for a variety of special needs, including giftedness, dyslexia, autism, and developmental delays. Additionally, we have experience with counseling and providing behavioral consultations.



We understand the importance of time efficiency. When it comes to our evaluations, we are prompt and efficient. Our evaluations are always pre-planned, but we are also flexible enough to change the course of the evaluation, when warranted.

Find out what’s really on your child’s mind

Measuring Minds

Real Client Experiences

Highly recommend! Sally tested my 4 year old daughter for kindergarten gifted placement. She was incredibly warm, kind and knowledgeable. My daughter and I immediately warmed to her, and she even offers treats and prizes to help keep children interested and motivated! She answered my initial call quickly, answered questions patiently and made an appointment within the same week, even offering weekend appointments making scheduling a breeze! The results were detailed and delivered quickly. I will definitely use Sally again, if needed, for my son or any other pediatric psychology needs.

S. Causey

5 star

Sally Roscher conducted a school neuropsychological evaluation for our 8-year-old son. I don’t even know where to begin. The process from start to finish truly exceeded all expectations we had. Sally is not only amazing at what she does, but she is organized, kind and extremely patient ... We are finally able to get our son the assistance he so desperately needed. I am forever grateful for Sally and Measuring Minds. I honestly can’t say enough.

Y. Collura

5 star

I highly recommend using Sally Roscher for any of your child's testing needs! She is very professional and knowledgeable. The gifted testing is top notch. You can't beat her expertise.

Melissa L.

5 star

I highly recommend Sally if you are in need of a school neuropsychological evaluation. She is very knowledgeable in multiple different assessment techniques. She’s also great at building rapport with the kids!

M. Freeman

5 star

Would love to share my experience with Ms. Sally and measuring minds. When I first talked to her about my daughter who is a lot older getting tested for autism. Most people won't try to help when you tell them your child is an adult but she was open and understanding regarding the circumstances. She welcomed my daughter I with open arms and was able to give her the one on one attention she's need to help us come to a better conclusion. Ms. Sally was super patient and was more than willing to help. She made me and my daughter super comfortable and even when above and beyond with extra help for my daughter. I absolutely love Measuring Minds. And definitely highly recommend!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH MS. SALLY

Janise Lane

5 star

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Good morning from Measuring Minds! We conduct psycho-educational evaluations for various exceptionalities. Call us today for a free consultation. 561-291-8898 Find out what is on your child’s mind! 🧠 📚🤓
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We hope everyone had a nice and restful holiday season! We’re back and ready to serve your child’s educational psychological needs! 📚👦🏾👧🏼👶🏻✏️ Call 561-291-8898 for a free consultation!
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How are we feeling today, folks?!

💜 Scared?
💙 Sad? 
💚 Digusted?
💛 Happy?
❤️ Angry? 
🌈 All of the above?? 

I love using Inside Out to get kids talking about their feelings. Which emotion is in charge today? Call 561-291-8898 to find out what’s on your child’s mind!
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Y’all, IQ testing has come a loooong way. Fun fact: the first IQ tests were developed over 100 years ago!! 🤯🤯🤯 Thank goodness our current IQ tests have gone through many revisions and updated research. At Measuring Minds, we use only the most current, valid, reliable, statistically sound instruments. Just a few of the skills that our IQ tests measure include: 

🧠 Verbal Comprehension 
🧠 Non-Verbal Reasoning 
🧠 Visual Spatial
🧠 Working Memory
🧠 Processing Speed

What’s on your child’s mind? Call us today for a free consultation!! 561-291-8988

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A few of the many things you can look forward to when working with us at Measuring Minds…. 

✅ Compassionate care 
✅ Exceeded expectations 
✅ One-on-one treatment 
✅ Proficient expertise 
✅ Genuine concern and passion 

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All to often, we focus on what kids can’t do. Let’s focus on what our kids *can* do!! Post below what your child is great at doing! If you aren’t sure, let us help you find your child’s strengths!! Call 561-291-8988 for a free consultation. #childpsychology #childpsychologist #schoolpsychologist #boyntonbeach #delraybeach #measuringminds #childdevelopment #childdevelopmentspecialist
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Let’s talk! I love using ice breakers to build rapport with my older students (and my own kids!). I find that many kids just want to be heard, which is no different than the parents who call us. 

🤔Do you have questions or concerns about your child’s grades? 
🤔Are you concerned about your child’s development? 
🤔Is your child struggling to learn and retain basic reading skills? 
🤔Do you worry about their behavior? 

We have answers! Call us today at 561-291-8898 for a free consultation. What’s really on your child’s mind?? 

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