National Son and Daughter’s Day

Find out ways we spend quality time with our kids.


National Son and Daughter’s Day

Author: Phillip Roscher

No diagnosis, therapy, or Doctor Is going to be able to do what you can for your child. Active listening with our children is even more important than with our colleagues. The support you provide your work team, should be nothing compared to the support you show your child. YOU are the difference your child needs to be a success. Be supportive. Be open. Be present.

This year we have brought back an oldie but a goodie from my childhood. Although once a common occurrence, many have strayed from family sit down dinners. In this age of constant, live connectedness to technology, long hours for parents, and many activities for kids, WHO HAS TIME?! We have made time. It’s not always a long meal, but we still make time to do it together. No TV, No phones, no tech. We even go around the table, giving each family member time to tell us about their day. This gives us the opportunity to celebrate daily wins, as well as provide support for concerns we may not have known of otherwise. Our home is just like “Planet Fitness”. It’s a judgement free zone. Seriously, it was a struggle to get the habit started, and not everyone was receptive, but often now I find the kids asking about dinner, and NOT about what we are having.

Have that meal together. Put down the phones. There is no one in that phone more important than the people in your home. Read that second book before bed. Give that extra hug. They don’t stay young long, and as the parent you are the key indicator in your child’s success regardless of their physical, cognitive, or social ability.

Make your child’s day today! You would be surprised at how little effort it takes to do so sometimes.

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